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Last updated: 4 March 2012

name: Unknown


Unknown- Accident & incidents:

188 occurrences in the ASN safety database, showing occurrence 1 - 10

date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
18-APR-2021Learjet 25B XB-PIZ Unknown 0 Toluca-Licen...   A2
08-APR-2021Antonov An-2 RA-40... Unknown 0 Omsk   O1
26-MAR-2021Beech B200 Super King Air 5Y-NJS Unknown 0 Nairobi   A1
18-MAR-2021Antonov An-2T YV3312 Unknown 0 within Bolívar State   A2
28-SEP-2020Antonov An-2   Unknown 0 near Martuni   C1
11-SEP-2020Cessna 208B Grand Caravan 5Y-CDH ? Unknown 0 Maji Moto ar...   A1
16-MAY-2020Let L-410MA RA-67066 Unknown 0 Ulang Airstrip   A2
13-MAR-2020Cessna 525 CitationJet YV3452 Unknown 2 Porlamar-del...   A1
14-AUG-2019Beech Super King Air XB-... Unknown 0 El Ramonal, ...   C1
07-AUG-2019HS-125/BAe-125   Unknown 0 Las Pilas, C... C1
16-JUL-2019Antonov An-2 RA-3098K Unknown 0 Novoshchedri... A1
13-JUL-2019Beech B200 Super King Air   Unknown 0 Graham Creek...   C1
09-JUL-2019Antonov An-2 unreg. Unknown 0 near Raduga, Novo...   A1
24-JUN-2019Hawker Siddeley HS-125-400   Unknown 0 Parque Nacio...   O1
13-JUN-2019Beech B200 Super King Air   Unknown 0 Río Chixoy, ...   A1
08-MAY-2019Antonov An-2R YV2354 Unknown 0 near Uriman Airpo...   A1
08-DEC-2018Beech 200 Super King Air   Unknown 0 Corozo, Sarstún   O1
15-MAR-2018Beech B200 Super King Air YV3284 ? Unknown 0 near Blue Creek, ...   A1
01-MAR-2018Beech 200 Super King Air YV1909 Unknown 0 Charallave-Ó...   A2
25-JAN-2018Airbus A320   Unknown 0 Berlin-Schön...   A2
07-JAN-2018Cessna 208B Grand Caravan 5Y-FDC Unknown 0+ 1 Akobo A1
06-JAN-2018Antonov An-2TP YV1944 Unknown 0 La Paragua A...   A1
05-SEP-2017Antonov An-2R YV2664 Unknown 1 Playa Linda   A1
04-SEP-2017BAe-125-700A   Unknown 2 Hato Viejo   A1
20-FEB-2017Beech 200 Super King Air   Unknown 0 near Lago de Mara...   O1
14-NOV-2016Bombardier Challenger 300 N303CZ Unknown 0 Panama City ... A2
16-AUG-2016Cessna 550 Citation II YV3051 Unknown 2 near Charallave-Ó... A1
14-AUG-2016Beech 200 Super King Air   Unknown 2 Orillas del ...   A1
14-APR-2016Antonov An-2   Unknown 1 Maryevka, Pe...   A1
17-JAN-2016BN-2A-21 Islander (N90460) Unknown 0 Corral Viejo   C1
28-OCT-2015Dornier 328 ?   Unknown Afgoye District   A2
27-AUG-2015Cessna 750 Citation X XA-KYE Unknown 0 Toluca Airpo...   A1
26-AUG-2015Cessna S550 Citation S/II YV3125 Unknown 0 Charallave-Ó...   A1
20-MAY-2015BAe-125-700A (N917TF) Unknown 4 near Puerto Colombia   C1
??-???-2014Learjet 60XR XA-JWM Unknown 0 Fort Lauderd...   O1
09-DEC-2014Rockwell Sabreliner 60ELXM XB-KLQ Unknown within Venezuela   C1
03-NOV-2014Beech 200 Super King Air XB-LRI Unknown near Elorza, Apur...   C1
19-OCT-2014Grumman American G-1159 Gulfstream XB-NKS Unknown near Calabozo   C1
17-SEP-2014Dornier Do-128-G92 Turbo Skyservant   Unknown 0 near Varrelbusch ...   A2
27-JUL-2014Ilyushin Il-76T 5A-DNJ Unknown 0 Tripoli Inte... C1
06-JUN-2014BAe-125-700A N770PJ ? Unknown Apure   C1
20-JAN-2014Antonov An-28 UP-A2805 Unknown 0 near Addis Ababa-...   A1
30-NOV-2013Learjet 35A (N175BA) Unknown 0 near San Fernando...   C1
04-NOV-2013Hawker Siddeley DH-125-400A XB-MGM Unknown 0 near Buena Vista,...   C1
10-APR-2013Antonov An-26 EK26407 Unknown 0 Doro Airstrip A1
17-DEC-2012Learjet 24   Unknown 0 Hyderabad-Be...   O1
27-APR-2012Boeing 727-212 XB-MNP Unknown 0 Laguna Salada A1
26-AUG-2011Ilyushin Il-76   Unknown 0 Tripoli Inte...   C1
25-AUG-2010Beech 200 Super King Air   Unknown 0 Guardatinaja...   A1
28-JUL-2010Antonov An-12BP 3X-GEQ Unknown 0 FOB Dwyer, H... A1
09-OCT-2009PZL-Mielec M28 Skytruck YV1769 Unknown 0 Las Minas A1
09-SEP-2009Antonov An-2R UR-70427 Unknown 0 Onikeevo, Ki...   A1
20-JUN-2009Antonov An-2   Unknown 0 Pologi, Zapo...   O1
21-SEP-2008Cessna 208 Caravan   Unknown 4 near Pedernales   A1
01-MAR-2008BN-2B-21 Islander G-PASV Unknown near Consuega   A1
??-???-2007Antonov An-12BP S9-DBP Unknown 0 Bunia Airpor... A1
10-DEC-2007Let L-410   Unknown 0 Corentyne   O1
29-NOV-2007Beech 200 Super King Air YV1387 Unknown 0 Santa Inés, ...   A1
26-AUG-2007Antonov An-2 EX-70292 Unknown 0 near Dostuk   A1
28-FEB-2007Rockwell Sabreliner 75A YV265T Unknown 0 Valencia Air...   A1
03-FEB-2007Beech 300 Super King Air   Unknown 0 Yahurabila   A1
04-AUG-2006Let L-410UVP-E YV-867CP Unknown near Puerto Ayacucho   A1
29-JUN-2006Antonov An-12BP EK12305 Unknown 0 Bagram Air B...   A1
26-DEC-2005Beech A100 King Air YV1507 Unknown 0 near Paparo   A1
24-OCT-2005Antonov An-2R YV1108 Unknown 0 Fort Lauderd... O1
26-SEP-2005Grumman G-159 Gulfstream I YV1020 Unknown 0 near San Andrés   O1
29-MAR-2005Antonov An-2R YV-2447P Unknown 0 Papelón A2
19-NOV-2004Beech 200 Super King Air YV-2584P Unknown 0 Cabimas-Oro ...   A1
10-AUG-2004Grumman HU-16A Albatross XB-JHH Unknown 1 Playa de la ...   A1
07-APR-2004Raytheon 390 Premier I N200PR Unknown 0 Blackbushe A... A1
02-OCT-2003Douglas DC-3   Unknown 0 Bocas del Ro...   O1
25-APR-2003Antonov An-26   Unknown 0 Beni Airport... A2
??-???-2002Antonov An-12A D2-FBV Unknown Nzagi Airpor...   A1
13-AUG-2002Antonov An-2   Unknown 0 Vagai   A1
01-DEC-2000Antonov An-24   Unknown 1   H2
19-SEP-2000Antonov An-2   Unknown 1 near Cuba   A1
18-JUL-2000Antonov An-2   Unknown 0 near Chisinau   A1
07-JAN-2000Antonov An-26 D2-FBR Unknown   A1
12-NOV-1999Antonov An-12B D2-FRK Unknown 0 Lukapa Airpo...   A1
09-OCT-1999Antonov An-12B TN-AFX Unknown Brazzaville-...   A1
??-JUN-1999Tupolev Tu-154M RA-85795 Unknown 0 Chengdu Airp...   A2
??-MAY-1999Antonov An-28 3C-KKY Unknown 1 A1
20-JAN-1999Antonov An-12B S9-CAN Unknown 0 Lukapa Airpo...   A1
11-APR-1998Dornier Do-28-G92 Turbo Skyservant HA-ACU Unknown 0 Gödöllo Airport   A1
21-OCT-1997Douglas DC-3A ZS-JMP Unknown 0 near Jamba   A1
15-APR-1997Douglas DC-3   Unknown 0 Kinshasa-N'D...   H2
21-OCT-1996DHC-6 Twin Otter   Unknown 0 Nabire Airpo...   H2
07-AUG-1996BN-2A-8 Islander VH-FCO Unknown 0 Horn Island ...   A2
06-SEP-1995BN-2A Islander VP-LMG Unknown 0 Montserrat ?   O1
01-SEP-1995BN-2A-8 Islander VH-FCO Unknown 0 Murray Islan...   A2
31-AUG-1995BN-2 Islander   Unknown 0 unknown   H2
??-???-1994Rockwell Sabreliner 60 XC-AA26 Unknown 0   O1
23-DEC-1994Beech B100 King Air ZS-MSG Unknown Vrede   A1
05-DEC-1994Dornier Do 28D-2 Skyservant D-IDNG Unknown 0 Nuuk Airport...   A1
16-OCT-1994Antonov An-2 OB-1542 Unknown 3 within Huánuco   A1
15-MAR-1994Cessna F406 Caravan II 5Y-NAL Unknown Unknown U1
15-JAN-1994IAI 1123 Westwind N13GW Unknown Unknown   U1
07-NOV-1993Cessna 208 Caravan I   Unknown 0 Lokichoggio ... O2
29-OCT-1993Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 1 within Bulgaria   A1
26-MAR-1992Dassault Falcon 10 F-GJHK Unknown Brest U1
17-FEB-1992Douglas DC-6A/B N72522 Unknown 4 near Tlahualilo d... A1
14-JAN-1992Douglas DC-6 N75257 Unknown Vizcaíno, Mu...   A1
25-NOV-1991unknown   Unknown 0 within Papua New Gu...   H2
15-JUN-1991Rockwell 1121 Jet Commander LV-RDB Unknown Morón AB, BA   U1
29-MAY-1990Antonov An-26   Unknown 0 Djibouti Air...   H2
24-AUG-1989Antonov An-24   Unknown Kabul Airpor...   C1
26-OCT-1987Beech 300 Super King Air   Unknown 0 Ciudad Mante   H2
04-AUG-1987Antonov An-2   Unknown within Khövsgöl Pro...   A1
26-APR-1987Curtiss C-46D RP-C189 Unknown 2 near Panay A1
26-MAY-1986Beech B200 Super King Air N551TR Unknown 0 unknown   U1
05-MAR-1986Douglas C-47 (DC-3)   Unknown near Pachuca, Hid...   A1
??-JAN-1986Douglas DC-6BF HR-AIV Unknown U1
28-OCT-1985Beech 200 Super King Air HK-2489 Unknown Bogotá   U1
12-JUN-1985Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 1 within Bulgaria   A1
21-MAY-1985Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 1 Gorna Oryakh...   A1
??-???-1984Douglas DC-6A/B HP-1018 Unknown U1
27-AUG-1984Douglas C-47 (DC-3)   Unknown 8 near Jinotega   C1
05-MAY-1984Beech 200 Super King Air XA-LIG Unknown 7 near Poza Rica-Ta...   A1
24-MAR-1984Douglas DC-3C N62WS Unknown 7 near Ciudad Quesada   A1
14-MAR-1984Beech 200C Super King Air CP-1849 Unknown Santa Cruz-E...   U1
17-NOV-1983Douglas C-47 (DC-3) N.... Unknown 0 Barranquilla   A1
03-OCT-1983Douglas C-47 (DC-3)   Unknown 1 near Rio Blanco, ...   C1
01-JUL-1983Douglas C-47 (DC-3)   Unknown 2 Berry Island   A1
16-JAN-1983Douglas DC-3C TG-SAB Unknown 0 near Bay City, TX A1
04-FEB-1982Beech 200 Super King Air YV-426P Unknown Caracas   A1
??-SEP-1981Douglas DC-6 N62242 Unknown northeast Co... A1
??-???-1980Douglas C-47 (DC-3) N.... Unknown 2 near El Banco, Ma...   A1
22-SEP-1980Convair CV-240-6 ZP-CDO Unknown 0 near Okeechobee, FL   A1
20-SEP-1980Curtiss C-46A HI-197 Unknown 0 near Peninsula de... A1
12-JUL-1980Douglas DC-3   Unknown 3 Port-au-Prin...   A1
08-JUL-1979Fairchild C-119L Flying Boxcar N1040E Unknown 4 Casa Grande, AZ   A1
06-JUN-1979Douglas DC-6BF AN-BFN Unknown 0 Charleston, WV A1
16-DEC-1978Douglas C-54 (DC-4)   Unknown 1 Cesar Depart...   A1
11-DEC-1978Douglas C-49J (DC-3) N133AC Unknown 2 near Port Mayaca, FL A1
17-OCT-1978Douglas C-54 (DC-4)   Unknown 3 Valledupar   A1
19-JUL-1978Lockheed 18 Lodestar   Unknown 0 near Hastings, FL   A1
09-JUL-1978Douglas C-47A (DC-3) N45873 Unknown 0 Richmond Mun...   A1
10-MAY-1978DHC-3 Otter N5370G Unknown 3 Del Rio, TX   A1
19-OCT-1977Beech 200 Super King Air N17530 Unknown 1 near Valparaiso-P...   A1
18-JUL-1977Douglas DC-3A N459 Unknown 2 near Sheridan, WY   A1
16-JUN-1977BN-2A-20 Islander YV-O-MAR-6 Unknown 0 Distribuidor...   A1
13-OCT-1976Beech A100 King Air XB-NUV Unknown 5 near San Luis Potosi   A1
23-MAY-1976Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 2 Charmanli   A1
??-???-1975Dornier Do 28D-1 Skyservant HC-AVT Unknown Quito   U1
19-SEP-1975Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 2 within Bulgaria   A1
03-JUL-1975Learjet 25 N428JX Unknown 0 Richmond Mun...   A1
16-MAR-1975Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 1 within Bulgaria   A1
06-FEB-1975Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina N5588W Unknown 3 near Wikieup, AZ   A1
05-OCT-1974Douglas DC-3   Unknown 6   A1
11-JUL-1973BN-2A Islander HP-570 Unknown 10 Cerro Majé   A1
04-JUL-1973Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 1 Gorna Oryakh...   A1
11-SEP-1972Lockheed 18 Learstar N1040E Unknown 1 Clarendon   A1
23-FEB-1972Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 1 within Bulgaria   A1
19-SEP-1971Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 1 within Bulgaria   A1
08-APR-1971Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 1 within Bulgaria   A1
09-NOV-1970Douglas DC-3   Unknown 0 Doha, Baghdad   H2
12-SEP-1970unknown   Unknown 0   H2
10-SEP-1970unknown   Unknown 0   H2
18-JUL-1970Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina N6459C Unknown 2 Columbia Air...   A1
29-JUL-1969unknown   Unknown 0 Managua Airp...   H2
11-JUL-1969DH-114 Heron 1B TN-ABA Unknown 0 Ruddervoorde A1
11-APR-1969Douglas DC-6   Unknown 0 Havana   H2
08-FEB-1969Douglas DC-6   Unknown 0   H2
19-SEP-1968Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 1 Stalevo   A1
25-DEC-1967Douglas DC-3 VT-DUC Unknown 0 Tiruchirappa...   A2
26-NOV-1966Douglas DC-3   Unknown 2 near Gulfport, MS   A1
14-SEP-1966Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon XA-NIM ? Unknown 8 near Acapulco Air...   A1
??-JUN-1966Lockheed Lodestar   Unknown   A1
06-MAY-1966Antonov An-2 LZ-... Unknown 2 Gradnitsa   A1
28-MAR-1966Antonov An-2   Unknown 6 Playa de Bib...   A1
24-DEC-1965Curtiss C-46   Unknown 0 near Tuluá   A1
16-SEP-1964Antonov An-8RU CCCP-55517? Unknown Kiev-Gostome...   A1
??-AUG-1964Antonov An-12B   Unknown unknown   A1
??-MAY-1964Antonov An-12B   Unknown unknown   A1
14-AUG-1961Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina N10019 Unknown 0 near Walterboro M...   A1
??-???-1958Grumman G-73 Mallard N10400 Unknown   U1
03-SEP-1956Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina B-201 Unknown 0 Taipei   O1
10-MAR-1953Junkers Ju-52/3m LV-ZBI Unknown 4 near San Pedro de...   A1
09-DEC-1949Douglas C-47 (DC-3)   Unknown 8 near Baja California   A1
18-OCT-1949SNCASE SE.200 F-BAIY Unknown 0 Étang de Ber...   A1
15-JUL-1948Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina YV-C-APJ Unknown Puerto Cabel... A1
01-JUL-1948Douglas DC-3   Unknown 14 Pico de Orizaba   A1
23-SEP-1944Douglas C-47 (DC-3)   Unknown near Uden   A1
date unk.Douglas C-47A (DC-3) HK-1505 Unknown 0 within Bahamas   A1
date unk.BN-2A Islander HP-556XI Unknown   U1
date unk.BN-2A-8 Islander TZ-ASC Unknown 0   U1
date unk.Lisunov Li-2   Unknown near Ugulan   A1
date unk.BN-2A-21 Islander F-ODHO Unknown   U1


Unknown- Photos:

photo of Lockheed-L-1049H-Super-Constellation-N6924C
accident date: 15-10-1978
type: Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation
registration: N6924C
photo of Dassault-Falcon-10-F-GJHK
accident date: 26-03-1992
type: Dassault Falcon 10
registration: F-GJHK
photo of Raytheon-390-Premier-I-N200PR
accident date: 07-04-2004
type: Raytheon 390 Premier I
registration: N200PR
photo of Antonov-An-2R-YV-1108
accident date: 24-10-2005
type: Antonov An-2R
registration: YV-1108
photo of Antonov-An-12BP-S9-DBP
accident date: ??-??-2007
type: Antonov An-12BP
registration: S9-DBP
photo of Dassault-Falcon-20C-XA-PCC
accident date: 08-01-2010
type: Dassault Falcon 20C
registration: XA-PCC
photo of Dassault-Falcon-20C-XA-PCC
accident date: 08-01-2010
type: Dassault Falcon 20C
registration: XA-PCC
photo of Dassault-Falcon-20C-XA-PCC
accident date: 08-01-2010
type: Dassault Falcon 20C
registration: XA-PCC
photo of Cessna-208-Caravan-I-XB-NLX
accident date: 14-05-2016
type: Cessna 208 Caravan I
registration: XB-NLX
photo of Antonov-An-2-RA-3098K
accident date: 16-07-2019
type: Antonov An-2
registration: RA-3098K