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Operator index for Japan
Last updated: 8 March 2011
A list of aircraft operators that have that have suffered an accident, serious incident or hijacking. The list may also contain defunct airlines or airlines that in the meantime have changed their name or have merged.

Air Central Co. (named Nakanihon Airlines (NAL) until 2005)
Air Japan
All Nippon Airways - ANA
ANA Wings
ANK- Air Nippon (known as Nihon Kinkyori Airways until 1987)
Dai Nippon Koku KK (Greater Japan Airways)
Dai Nippon Koku KK (Imperial Japanese Airways)
First Flying
Fuji Air Lines (merged with Nitto Aviation and Kita Nihon Airlines into Japan Domestic Airlines)
Fujita Airlines (merged with All Nippon Airlines in November of 1963)
Ibex Airlines
J-Air (wholly owned regional subsidiary of JAL)
Japan Air Lines - JAL
Japan Air System (renamed from Toa Domestic Airlines in 1988; merged with JAL 2001)
Japan Air Transport (also known as Nihon Koku Yuso KK)
Japan Domestic Airlines (took over Toa Airways in 1971 to form TDA)
Japan Transocean Air (Southwest Air Lines until 1993)
Nagasaki Airways (renamed Oriental Air Bridge, March 2001)
Nihon Kinkyori Airways (renamed Air Nippon in 1987)
Nippon Cargo Airlines
Nitto Aviation (merged with Fuji Airlines and Kita Nihon Airlines into Japan Domestic Airlines)
Oriental Air Bridge (Nagasaki Airways until March 2001)
Skymark Airlines
Southwest Air Lines (renamed Japan Transocean Air, 1993)
Toa Airways (merged with JDA to form TOA Domestic Airlines)
TOA Domestic Airlines (became Japan Air System in 1988)

Auto Panther
Nozaki Sangyo
Yomiuri Shimbun

Japan Civil Aviation Bureau
Japan Coast Guard (formerly Japan Maritime Safety Agency)
Japan Maritime Safety Agency - JMSA (renamed Coast Guard)

Imperial Japanese Army Air Service
Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service
Japan Air Self-Defense Force - JASDF
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
Japan Maritime Self Defence Force - JMSDF

Special operations (survey, crop spraying etc.):
Japan Digital Laboratory
Kyoritsu Air Survey

Tokyo Century Lease