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Belize air safety profile
Last updated: 11 April 2010

Continent: Central America
Fatal accidents in Belize:
since 1919
Accidents fatalities in Belize:  
since 1919

Fatal accidents per year

Audit information
» Belize is rated Category - (not yet rated)in FAA's International Aviation Safety Assessment Program (IASA)
» ICAO’s Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) results
»   -   -: Rated Category II (non compiance with ICAO Standards) in the FAA IASA program
» 08-MAR-2013: As of March 8, 2013, countries are removed from the list after four years if they do not provide air transport service to the U.S., have no code-share arrangements with U.S. air carriers, and have no significant interaction with the FAA.

Belize- Accident & incidents:

29 occurrences in the ASN safety database, showing occurrence 1 - 10

date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
08-OCT-2021Learjet 35A unreg. private 0 near Little Beliz...   C1
29-JAN-2021Beech 100 King Air   private 0 Crooked Tree...   C1
10-DEC-2020Gulfstream Aerospace G-1159A Gulfst (N370JL) private 0 southern Belize   C1
21-SEP-2020Learjet 35 false reg. private 0 Santha Martha   A1
28-MAY-2020BAe-125-700A N720PT private 0 near Sarteneja   A1
16-DEC-2019Beech 200 Super King Air   private 0 Sarteneja ai...   C1
06-DEC-2019BAe-125-800A (N293WB) private 0 near Chan Chen, C... C1
30-SEP-2019Gulfstream American G-1159 Gulfstre XB-PVO private 0 Blue Creek, ... A1
13-JUL-2019Beech B200 Super King Air   Unknown 0 Graham Creek...   C1
30-JUN-2018BN-2A-26 Islander V3-HFB Maya Island Air 0 San Pedro Ai...   A2